Tiết lộ bí quyết nấu PHỞ GÀ nhanh gọn, thơm ngon ngây ngất

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Ingredients (serves 6-8)
For the broth
1 whole soup/ free-range chicken abt 1.2kg (2.5 lb)
1 spring onion
2 slices of ginger
4 liters (4 quarts) water
1 medium yellow onion, peeled
3 tbsp salt *
1 tbsp sugar/ rock sugar *
1 tbsp chicken stock *
*Seasoning measurements for your reference only. Please adjust to your taste
For the PHO aroma
1 knob ginger (double thumb size)
3 shallots
6 coriander roots (or 1 tbsp coriander seeds)
1 cinnamon stick (optional)
2 star anise (optional)
For Pho Bowl:
450g (1lb) dried flat rice noodle (Banh Pho) or 1 kg ( 2.2 lb) fresh pho noodle
5 (kaffir) lime leaves
1 yellow onion, paper-thin sliced and soaked in cold water
1 bunch spring onion (100g), green part chopped, white part bruised.
Herb platter: sawtooth herbs, Asian basils, optional: blanched bean sprouts
Extra Sauce: fish sauce, Sriracha, hoisin, pickled garlic chili (your choice)

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